How To Kiss With Tongue In Ways She’ll Like

Use of the tongue in kissing plays a key role. Your tongue movement expresses the degree of your passion and enthusiasm. In particular, the girl will intuitively pick up your personality traits by the way you kiss. Do you want to be a good kisser or in other words, a passionate kisser? Has your girl ever commented on your kisses? Here are some tips that you can learn which can turn you into a good kisser at least.

1. Refresh Your Breath

Every kiss you give your girl, you want it to be perfect, so the least you need to do is freshen your breath – brush your teeth to kill the oral ordure smell or buy an Tongue Cleaner, it’s designed to perfectly clean your tongue and make it softer too. Don’t eat any very strong foods, such as spring onions and garlic.

2. Concentrate On Your Kissing

When you kiss your girl, you need to concentrate on the action. Clear your mind and avoid any distractions around both of you, such as turn off your mobile and mute your landline. Those distractions will make the girl feel very uncomfortable if the course of kissing is taking place.

3. Take Your Kissing Slowly

cute-couples-huggingYou can start your lip kissing first and then slowly slide your tongue in and gently use your tongue tip to touch hers. At this stage, don’t twist your tongue with hers because you might not feel her passion has been built up.

4. Intensify Your Kissing

In the meantime, you can kiss her ears, face and neck until you feel that her passion has been further developed. You can start French-kissing and see if she likes that. Place your hands around her back and hold her very close to you. In this position, you can have skin-skin touching to feel her emotion.

5. Take A Breath Break

Once your intensified kissing has started, you can take a break and move your mouth off of hers. And kiss her ear and whisper some words in her ear so as to even intensify her passion. At this stage, don’t talk too much, instead a few words only asking her feelings about your kiss. She won’t tell you too much, but even with very few words you can judge if she likes your kisses or not.

Once you experienced those 5 steps above, and the girl didn’t reject your kissing, it means that you are a good kisser.

Last but not least, in the course of kissing, you should take the lead although from time to time, you want to test the water to see if the girl’s passion is built. If so, you can let her take the lead, in turn you take the lead back you and dominate the course of kissing. In this way, the girl will feel you are a considerable man and not bossy.

Dating is an art, and kissing is part of dating. If you have the knowledge of how to attract a girl, in the meantime, you also should know how to use your tongue to intensify your kisses. Lip kissing can create a romantic atmosphere, and your tongue can encourage your girl to build passion within her. You certainly anticipate going to the next stage – loving making, not just staying on kissing. Your tongue will assist you to make the girl want you more. However if your tongue plays awkwardly, your relationship development will stop here; at least you hint to the girl that you are not ready to be in the relationship.

Overall, I hope gradually and eventually you will become a good kisser and can find your ideal girl and win her heart over.

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