How to keep your escort encounters secret

One of the conveniences of using escort services is their guarantee of confidentiality. The level of discretion offered by escort-service providers makes it possible for clients to order and experience their desires privately without the bother of family and friends. However, acting discreetly in the adult industry is not as obvious as it may sound. The escorts and clients both have to keep alert to make sure their transaction is completely confidential.

As a client, you can take the following steps to ensure that your escort encounters are private and only known to you.

0871. The first step to achieve discretion in your escort encounters is to use an anonymous email account. Even if using your actual email account may seem secure, it is easily accessible from your computer or phone if they are ever hacked or fall victim to phishing attacks. Personal computers and phones are also easy to track from the internet connection of an unsecured (open network without encryption) network. Therefore, you are only safe using public access computers and an anonymous email account which cannot be used to identify you.

2. Give payment in Cash
Once you meet your escort of choice, you will have to pay for her time or services. Although it is safer and more convenient to pay with a MasterCard or a credit card than cash, doing so exposes your identity. Paying with cash is the best option since there is no record of the transaction and there is no way to trace such a payment back to you. Paying in cash shields you from exposing your personal information and entering a payment record in your debit or credit card transactions, which are accessible from your bank account.

3. Use a prepaid go-phone
While it is convenient to contact an escort or an escort agency by phone, calling them on your phone leaves a record on your call logs, which can be traced quite easily. Do not call escort agencies on your phone. If you need to call them, simply buy a cheap disposable phone with some prepaid credit. TracFone has some phones which you can use for your escort encounters. Make sure to keep the phone private and turn it off always except when you need to make a booking or inquire about escort services.

4. Use public transport
If you have your own car, it is likely that is has a GPS feature. While GPS is useful to you as a driver it will expose you if you visit an incall escort service or a place you usually don’t go to. Although you can easily turn off the GPS feature in your car, it will lead to suspicion especially if you have a jealous girlfriend. Your best option is to leave your personal car behind and use a taxi for your escort encounters.

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