How do Las Vegas strippers make money

strippersDo you want to make money dancing in Las Vegas? Yes you can make money dancing in different ways and at different place but in this city, things are different. You will be performing lap dancing while in nude clothing and in front of guys who are drunk and they can do anything only adults are allowed. Strippers do make money and in fact a lot of it and that’s why if you think you can choose it to be your profession; going ahead with it isn’t a bad idea. Strippers have been in existence for years and t6heir amazing service keeps them attractive to fellow girls and their clients who are mostly male. A man who enters a strippers club and get girls who are topless on top of tables will never cease to get closest to the table to have a clear glance of her goodies. You should never be afraid of strippers club because that’s the only place where you can be able to have a closer view of different lap dances. You can be in a single room alone and strip girls over.

How then do these strippers in Las Vegas make money? There is no way a beautiful and a girl with a perfect smile can dance anyhow without having something to put on her mouth after that. First and foremost, strippers get their pay from the customers who are at the club. For example, if you are a man and a stripper gets your pant wet because she danced erotically on the table where you were having booze, instead of just thanking her, you can extend a tip. These girls may be strangers in a club but with their high heels, sexy bodies and dancing in a seducing way, men are willing to give them anything but in most cases; dollars. No matter if you are a miser or not, a girl who applauds your moods through her dance can never go home empty handed.

18k1gpovdt0lijpgThe next way in which girls of Vegas that doubles as strippers get money is when a group of guys calls them for a private dance. Clubs in Vegas have private rooms where a customer can choose to host just lap dancers. A man with his friends can throw a bash with these girls in their private pay with the promise of paying them back. As a stripper, this is one of the best ways of making extra cash for their service.

There is no day a stripper can fail to get a tip especially when she is wearing a thong because that’s where many men love to put there money on. They will pay for the drinks but they wont forget to put a not on the strap and the lady will be lucky to pick from many of them. One funny thing is that these strippers will collect the money via the thong, rush to their friends who will then store the money and the come back for more.

Now you know what to do when you get into a stripper club if you want the most of these girls. The more you tip them, the better part of their dance and body you will see.

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