The reason brides wear white

Why do brides wear white on their wedding day? Well, all brides wear white on their day no matter their color choices. Even if they never wore white in their normal lives, they must wear white in their wedding. White can easily get dirt if the bride is clumsy but they still where it no matters the case. Wedding dresses for brides all over the world are white with only unconventional brides wearing other colors. So, where did the white color come from?

Over 176 years ago, Red was the most common color for wedding dresses for brides. Red used to symbolize the color of love and what the most romantic color to wear on that big day. Most brides used to wear crimson and ivory as the most popular colors. White was very rare, and those who wore white usually found themselves in trouble. In 1553, Mary the Queen of Scotland was greatly slammed for wearing white on her big day instead of wearing red. White was by then associated with funerals. Her husband would go on to die a few years later making people believe white was a cursed color. So where did the turning point come?

Red could go on to be the most preferred color for brides during their wedding day until the year 1849 when Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg wed Victoria. Victoria back in those years chose to go against what most people thought to be the trend and wore a lacy white gone that had an orange blossom. Members of the court did question her choice but then that was to be the turning point when it came to white gowns for brides. Her dress turned out to be a massive hit with media spanning it from there and making it the new trend.

Women then choose her choice making it their preferred gown during their wedding days. The dress would go on to inspire many people with the women’s popular magazine by then, “Godey’s Lady Book” declaring it the most fitting hue for weddings no matters the type of material chosen. From their onwards, people described white in various ways with some calling it the innocence of girlhood and emblem of purity. The purity that is associated with the white wedding dress for brides comes from all those believe. The people in Western Europe strongly believed white to be the chosen color for weddings. Poems and songs could then be released calling red gowns garbage and something that should not be worn during the wedding day.

However, red is still associated with love hence the reason most people wear red on Valentine’s Day. So, all wedding from then has been white with most brides choosing to go with the trend. Is it the right choice for brides? Well, it seems okay but does you have to wear it because it is trending or just because Queen Victoria wore it for a wedding. Well brides, go ahead and choose any color you want to wear for your wedding day. There is no specific belief why you should not choose your desired color other than Victoria wore it, and it became a hit.

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