7 reasons why you should have sex right now

The good news with sex is that it doesn’t just feel good, but it is also great for your health and well-being. If you needed an excuse to have sex right away, you have one. There are several reasons to grab your partner right now and have sex right away. Apart from being a gift from God, there are several other reasons why sex is good for you. Whether you look for scientific reasons sex is just great. Here are seven reasons to stop whatever you are doing and have sex right way.

  1. Sex reduces stress
    If you are stressed, a dose of sex right away will make you feel at ease and ease the pressure on you. Studies have shown that having sex reduces stress in people right away. The act is pleasurable and enjoyable making your mind and body relaxed afterward. You feel better about yourself and ease the mind of whatever reasons that might be causing the stress. Sex-Good-For-You
  2. Sex burns calories
    Are looking to lose some weight and keep that good body shape of yours? Well, sex might be the answer you want right away to lose that extra pound. Sex might not burn as many calories as when running but being in those bed sheets for an hour or two might burn as high as 275 calories. The scale it affects might not be high but then why not give it a try. The feeling itself is great.
  3. Sex helps you sleep
    We all know how important sleep is for relaxing the mind and making you get ready for the next day. Individuals suffering from insomnia need to have sex more often to improve their chances of getting some sleep at night. After the orgasm, the body releases a relaxation hormone called prolactin that helps your body relax. When the body is relaxed sleep comes much easier than when you are not relaxed.
  4. Sex can help reduce pains
    Do you have a headache and feel like you are not in the mood to have sex? Well, sex can help take that pain away making you feel good at once. Oxytocin commonly referred to many as a “love hormone” is usually released when individuals have sex and reach their orgasm states. This hormone reduces the body’s sensitivity to pain helping clear away the headache.
  5. Sex strengthens your heart
    Engaging in sex on a more regular basis helps strengthen the cardiovascular system as a whole making you a more healthy individual. Studies have shown that men who have sex more often are less likely to suffer from any cardiovascular diseases than men who rarely engage in sex.dreamstime_l_42573781-600x400
  6. Sex might protect against cancer
    Studies have shown that men who ejaculate more often are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than men who rarely engage in sex. There is no conclusive link, but the research shows people who engage in sex more often have health lifestyles.
  7. Sex can help boost your immunity
    Studies done on 112 men and women on how frequent they had sex against their levels of antibodies that are our main immunity shows that more sex improves immunity. Sex helps protect against cold and flu.

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