Five best spas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some of the best spas in the world. The spas in Las Vegas are ideal after a long day pout either partying or clubbing. Las Vegas is the Sin City of the world, and several adult related activities take place both during the day and night. However, a long day out, these are some of the best spas to have your muscle relaxed by the best masseuse in the world.

1) Sahra Spa and Hammam
This is a 50,000 square feet spa that lies as the only oasis in the desert. You get to walk through the sandstone halls before getting to a waterfall-accented lounge. This is a good resting place to take you away from the bustle and hustle of Las Vegas. If you need a much better experience, the main spa penthouse is the ideal place to be. It is a $95-hour penthouse with a steam room. There are smaller spa suites that always ensure you get the much-needed privacy. There are private steam room, meditation centers, and lounge areas always to cater for all your relaxation needs.

2) Spa at Mandarin Center
If you are looking or something more traditional, the Spa at Mandarin Center is the ideal place to relax. The spa takes ideal from some of the great empires in the past. Baths are designed in the great Roman style with indoor igloos and big spaces. The spa goes for something more elusive. They bring in the 1930s Chinese feeling with gray marble, dark woods, pops of jewel and fuchsias. The service in the spa is one that you will love with a great formal service. All treatment at the spa starts with a Chinese traditional ritual.

3) The Spa at Aria
This is one of the most luxurious spas you can visit in Las Vegas. It is situated at a spacious 80, 000 square foot at Aria. Guests get a chance to relax on the heated stones known as ganbanyoku bed. Here they get to relax and detox their bodies. They are the only beds of such a kind in the US and one to visit if you need to have a good relaxation and detoxification experience. It is an ideal spa and a great place to go with your partner if you need some quiet time together.

Spa. Beautiful Woman in Spa Salon getting Massage

4) Qua Baths and Spa
This is better known as a super spa on a 50,000 square foot. It is one of the best spas in Las Vegas with cascading waterfalls, Artic Ice Rooms, and three Roman Bath suites. It is an ideal choice for individuals looking for exclusive time. The spas offer several traditional massages like the Thai traditional massage, shiatsu massage, the Nagomi Ritual and the traditional Japanese foot.

5) The Spa at Encore
The Spa is Asian themed and exotic and one of the best places to visit if looking for something more unique. The hallways are lined with Moroccan lanterns making the spa look beautiful. In incorporates digital technology through the digital screens and allows visitors to control the temperature of the water. Some of the treatments you can book here include the Nalu Body Ritual that combines massages and body exfoliation.

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